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SLC Food Services is a leading supplier of fresh food ingredients in Bangalore India for your unique needs. Our qualified team specializes in offering natural food ingredients with excellent customer service and a robust supply chain. We have a network of reputable food ingredient processors who help us full our orders, keeping in mind the highest level of quality and food security.

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Cost-Effective & Multi-purpose Services

At SLC food services, we provide the highest-quality food ingredients at affordable prices suitable for varied nutritional needs. Whether you aim to create a new snack or provide your customers with a gourmet food experience, our food services in Bangalore are what you need to achieve the desired results. Every business in the food industry has unique needs. That’s why we follow a personalized approach in everything we do. By choosing to work with us, you get top-notch and versatile ingredients at affordable rates with complete support.

We Follow the Best Industry Standards

Since we work in the food industry, we understand the importance of maintaining quality and food security. As a leading Horeca supplier in India, we follow industries best practices and guidelines to ensure that you get fresh and natural ingredients. Sustainability and food security are our biggest concerns. Hence, we have qualified professionals to perform stringent quality checks and follow the best industry standards to provide you with top-notch products.

Promote Culinary Innovation With Our One-Stop-Shop For Groceries

Our B2B grocery distribution will provide you with all the premier natural, organic, and specialty food ingredients that you need to promote culinary innovation. With our help, you can choose the right ingredients to formulate your products and meet customer demands. Whether you operate a hotel, restaurant, or working in the catering industry, we have what you need to provide your customers with the best food experiences.

Elevate Your Food Business With Our Food Services!

  • Complete Support & Easy Ordering

Working with SLC ensures complete customer support. We believe in complete transparency and provide you with all information and details needed to help you make an informed decision.

  • Ingredients Right From the Chef Store

We serve professional catering businesses, hotels, and many other food establishments with fresh and quality supplies in the variety and volume they need.

  • Grow Your Food Business With Timely Deliveries

Our main aim is to help you grow your food business and increase sales. That’s why we stay on top of food trends and provide you with all the ingredients you want on time to enhance business efficiency. We have an efficient distribution channel and reputed food ingredient processors to support all your needs.

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If you are looking to transform your food business, we are the right partner for you! With natural and innovative ingredients, you can bring your gourmet dish ideas to life.

Our food services in Bangalore ensure timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and personalization every step of the way to help you make a fruitful investment.

About Us

Our Story

SLC Foods service was established in 2018 SLC maintains a legal entity in bangalore,india for supply and distribution of food ingredients and follows fssai guidelines outlined by the government agencies.

SLC food service is geographically located to ensure smooth transportation. SLC offers deliveries throughout bangalore and ensures best customer satisfaction.
The Company operates with at most hygiene to meet the SOP and ensures the quality of  products are intact.

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